Italy price-Flewid number one - cover 1

Italy price-Flewid number one - cover 1

N. prodotto: 001-IT (cover-1)

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As the book is based on a perception and interpretation of reality that has a strong nonconformist spirit, space will be given to phenomena that go beyond the current schemata and codification; for example, the conventional distinction between the sexes will no longer be considered, and both male and female content and topics will be addressed, without identifying with one gender or other but going beyond this dichotomy in a “fluid”, as our name suggests, eccentric, ambiguous, and at times bizarre game so that all types of diversity are included; whether they be sex, ethnicity, religion, age, or culture in general. As a predominantly visual publication, Flewid aims to show and tell what is happening in contemporary culture, be it fashion, art, design, or any other field in the visual arts. 

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